The Parish Council has looked at the data from Speed Watch activity in the area and listened to residents’ feedback about speeding vehicles on Eccleshall Road, the B5026 and Newcastle Road, the A53 in Loggerheads and purchased and installed two more Speed Indication Devices. These are the signs that flash your speed at you as you approach them and remind you to Slow Down if you are travelling at more than 30mph, the speed limit for both these roads. We already have one on Mucklestone Road and another at Hookgate. The first and oldest on the A53 at the BT Telephone Exchange is battery operated and will be replaced with a solar power sign in spring. Our local Speed Watch volunteers are active in Mucklestone, Knighton and Loggerheads and are always looking for new volunteers so they can be more active. If you are interested please contact Karen on 01630 673426 or email