Has your new blue bin and bag arrived? Please note that this Fridays collections will be from the current boxes, not the new bins. This will be the last collection from boxes, and then the first collections from bins and bags will be made on Friday 26th June. If residents do present bins and bags this Friday, they won’t be able to empty them, as they won’t have the correct vehicle, they will only be able to empty boxes.
What will happen to your old recycling boxes when the new blue recycling bins are delivered? Currently the Borough has no plans to remove your old boxes. They know that lots of residents have already found creative ways to use recycling boxes! The boxes are made of a type of plastic which is hard to recycle, and has little value. They’re very happy for residents to keep the boxes and lids, and use them for storage in sheds, greenhouses, lofts and garages, as planters, or for anything else. If you can’t reuse the box yourself, why not offer it to a friend or neighbour.