Loggerheads Parish Council has a vacancy for a Councillor to represent Mucklestone Ward.  

Contact the Clerk if interested

Telephone:  01630 673426

Email:  loggerheadspc@btconnect.com

 Closing date: 11th November 2020

 You will be asked to write in and give some background information about yourself including why you wish to be a councillor.

 To be considered as a Candidate you must meet the criteria listed below:

18 years or over on the day of  your application

A British, Commonwealth, or Irish Citizen, or a citizen of another Member State of the European Union.

AND at least one of the following:

You must be registered as a voter in Loggerheads Parish,


For the whole of the 12 months prior to election day are Owner or Tenant of any land  or premises in Loggerheads Parish,


Your principal or only place of work during those 12 months or more has been in Loggerheads Parish,


You have lived in the Parish or within 4.8 kilometres (3 miles) during the whole of the previous 12 months.