We, as your Parish Council, fully understand that we are currently facing very difficult and
challenging times financially – costs are rising across the board – and this is having a
significant impact on quality of life as individuals and households.

One of those costs is Council Tax – the payment that each household makes to Local
Authorities as a means of funding services – and is broken down into individual elements
which are referred to as rates of precept. In Loggerheads each household is charged a rate
of precept towards Staffordshire County Council, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council,
the Office of the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Staffordshire Fire and
Rescue and Loggerheads Parish Council. The overall precept requirement of Loggerheads
Parish Council for the financial year 2022/23 is £70,546. In order to achieve this we have
increased the precept by 4 pence per day, or an increase of £14.56 per year, and a
cost of less than 10 pence per day. This is 50% of the average precept for Parish Councils
which is £71.00.

There are two main points to note – there has been no increase to the Parish Council
precept for a period of eight years in Loggerheads; and, rising inflation is placing an evergrowing
premium on costs.

Loggerheads Parish Council, as a service provider, is also subject to costs. This takes into
account general purpose bills such as utilities and delivery of services; and obligations such
as payroll, insurance, loan repayments and financial audits.

For the financial year 2022/23, we are expected to spend £39,746 on operational delivery;
and £30,800 on administration.

Some examples of what we deliver on a day-to-day basis would be the following: –

 Allotments
 The Burntwood Sports Ground and associated Changing Rooms
 Open spaces – Heath Grove, Tinkers Lane and soon to be LV1
 Parish Events
 Parish Gritting
 Parish Landscaping
 Parish Newsletters
 Play Equipment (Almington, Bell Orchard, Knighton Railway Cutting and Tadgedale
 Speed Indication Devices and other traffic calming measures