Meeting Dates

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Loggerheads Parish Council meets formally on the third Monday of each month throughout the year.

Meetings usually commence immediately after the Planning Committee which commences at 19:00hrs.

During the first part of the meeting there is an opportunity for members of the public to speak, there is a maximum of 15 minutes allocated for public question time. The council then considers members’ proposals. In accordance with legislation, proposals must be notified to the Clerk in advance of the meeting for inclusion on the agenda.

All council and committee meetings are open to the public and press although legislation permits their exclusion during consideration of commercially sensitive information or personnel issues.

Loggerheads Parish Council holds its meetings at Loggerheads Community Fire Station.

In addition to the main Council, which all members are duty bound to attend, there are several further committees: Finance, Planning, and Personnel/Standards.

All other committees meet on an as required basis.

Full Council Meetings


Meeting TitleDateAgendaMinutes
Full Council21st February 2022 
Full Council17th January 2022CANCELLEDCANCELLED 
Full Council20th December 2021AgendaDraft Minutes 
Full Council15th November 2021AgendaMinutes 
Full Council18th October 2021AgendaMinutes 
Full Council20th September 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council16th August 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council5th July 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council14th June 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council5th May 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council19th April 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council15th March 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council15th February 2021AgendaMinutes
Full Council18th January 2021AgendaMinutes

Finance Committee Meetings


Meeting Title Date Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 13th December 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 13th September 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 9th August 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 7th June 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 12th April 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 8th March 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 8th February 2021 Agenda Minutes
Finance Meeting 11th January 2021 Agenda Minutes

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